About Denture Care Shop

How is Denture Care Shop different from other denture providers?

Denture Care Shop is focused on one key service – providing convenient, high-quality replacement dentures at an incredibly affordable price that is unmatched in the current market. Our dentures are fabricated using advanced 3D design and printing technology, ensuring precision so only one in-person visit is needed to create your new dentures. Denture Care Shop and our dental partners do not offer implants, partial dentures, extractions or other procedures commonly found in dental offices.

Why are dentures from Denture Care Shop significantly cheaper than other dentures?

Denture Care Shop’s singular focus and innovative processes allow us to offer high-quality dentures at a significantly lower price than traditional dental practices, who have been slow to adopt new technology. Recent technological advancements in digital dentures, including scanning, digital design and fabrication techniques, have made our processes more efficient and our dentures more affordable. As one of the first organizations dedicated solely to replacement dentures, our team and partner dentists have been able to eliminate the high costs and overhead associated with operating a full-service dental practice. You still get a comfortable, high-quality denture, but at a fraction of the cost.

Why was the Denture Care Shop founded ?

We believe everyone deserves to smile comfortably and confidently - without breaking the bank. We discovered the expense and inconvenience of traditional dentures prevents many denture wearers from purchasing a much-needed replacement, so they are stuck wearing old, uncomfortable and broken dentures, or worse - no dentures at all. That left a bad taste in our mouths. The denture community deserves better, so we decided to find a solution. We partnered with internationally renowned digital dental expert Dr. Walter Renne, DMD, and founded Denture Care Shop in 2020.

Is Denture Care Shop Right For Me?

My current dentures don’t fit comfortably. Can Denture Care Shop help?

Yes. Denture Care Shop and our professional dental partners will use impressions of your current dentures and soft-reline materials to create a brand new replacement denture with a comfortable fit that is custom made for you.

I love how my current dentures fit, but wish they looked better. Can Denture Shop keep the same fit, but change the look?

Yes! Our digital dental technicians can use impressions of your current dentures to match the fit, then enhance the look of your dentures during the design process.

Can Denture Care Shop just repair or reline my current dentures?

Your current dentures will be used to create digital impressions and fabricate a new permanent set, but Denture Care Shop does not alter existing dentures. Your existing dentures will be returned to you in their original condition at the end of your appointment. If you really like the look and/or fit of your current dentures but need a new set, we recommend our Denture Replication service.

What if I am currently wearing intermediate dentures?

No problem! Denture Refits can be fabricated using impressions of your intermediate dentures.

What if I have partial dentures?

At this time, Denture Care Shop only offers denture replacement services for full denture arches.


Will a dentist be involved in the process?

Denture Care Shop has partnered with internationally renowned digital dental expert Dr. Walter Renne, DMD, to develop an innovative replacement denture process. Dr. Renne and his partner dentists oversee all of the dental professionals and technicians working on your new dentures, which includes approving all digital designs before fabrication.

What are Digital Dental Records?

Think of this like insurance for your dentures. Digital impressions are created using your current or newly refitted dentures, then stored securely in the cloud for future replacements and upgrades. Whenever you need new dentures, all you have to do is place an order - no follow up appointment needed! All of our services start with Digital Dental Records, so your health and wallet are protected for the future.

What is a Replica Denture?

Using advanced scanning technology, a digital record of your existing dentures is created and used to fabricate new replacement dentures that fit exactly like your current dentures. You’ll get the same comfortable fit you already love, but with a brand new look! Replica Dentures are great if you want to replace lost, broken or worn-out dentures

What is a Refitted Denture?

Using your existing dentures and a professionally administered soft-reline material, a new fit is created, then digitally scanned and used to fabricate your Refitted Dentures. Your new dentures aren’t just a reline of your current set - they're brand new permanent dentures, custom made to feel great and look good, too!

What are Enhanced Denture Esthetics?

When your new Replica Dentures or Refitted Dentures are being created, digital denture technicians can make a number of changes to enhance the look of your new smile, such as improving the gum texture or adjusting the gum line to make teeth look longer. Your dental professional will discuss all of these design options with you during your visit and share samples to help you determine your design preferences.

Should I schedule an appointment for Denture Replication, Denture Refit or Enhanced Denture Esthetics?

All Denture Care Shop dentures are made using digital impressions of your existing dentures. If you want new permanent dentures that fit just like your current set, we recommend Denture Replication. If you want dentures that fit more comfortably, we recommend a Denture Refit. We offer Enhanced Denture Esthetics as an optional add-on service for Denture Replications and Denture Refits.

What will my new dentures be made of? Are they safe?

All Denture Care Shop dentures are fabricated using high-grade, FDA-approved materials and advanced technology. Your new dentures will be safe, durable and beautiful!

Can I pick the color for my new dentures?

Absolutely! All of our denture services allow you to select your desired teeth and gum colors from a variety of available shades, so your new smile looks exactly the way you want.

How long will it take to get my new dentures?

Your new dentures will be fabricated and ready to wear in 3-5 business days after you place your order. They can even be shipped right to your door for convenience!

Refunds & Returns

What happens if I don’t like my new dentures and want to return them?

Please book an appointment online, call us at 843-276-6187, or email us at info@denturecareshop.com.

Can you adjust my new Refitted Dentures if I don’t like the fit?

It’s uncommon, but in some cases minor adjustments to your new Refitted Dentures may be necessary. Simply make an appointment within 60 days of your receipt and your dental professional will provide a one-time adjustment, free of charge. We recommend wearing your new Refitted Dentures for at least two weeks before scheduling an appointment for an adjustment.

Can you adjust my new Replica Dentures?

Replica Dentures are intended to be a copy of your current dentures, with no adjustments made to the fit prior to fabrication. Therefore, we do not offer complimentary adjustments for Replica Dentures. If you want to make changes to the fit of your current dentures, we highly recommend purchasing our Refitted Dentures.

Planning Your Visit

Where is Denture Care Shop located?

Denture Care Shop is conveniently located in North Charleston, SC at 6185 Rivers Avenue, off the I-26 Aviation Boulevard exit.

Does the Denture Care Shop take insurance or accept FSA/HSA?

We do not currently accept insurance or FSA/HSA cards. Please be prepared to pay for your new dentures with cash or a debit/credit card.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with us online, via phone at (843) 276-6187 or by emailing info@denturecareshop.com.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

You are welcome to stop by our North Charleston location at any time to learn about our services and we will do our best to accommodate a same-day appointment for you.

How long do appointments take?

Most appointments take about 30 minutes, but our dental professionals will spend as much time as needed in order to provide you with the best care and experience possible. We kindly ask that you arrive early for check in, at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

How many appointments are required for new dentures?

Only one in-person visit is typically required.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

The only thing you need to bring with you is your current set of dentures. They will be used to create digital impressions and a new permanent replacement set, so make sure you don’t forget them!

Don't see your question? Just reach out and we'll be happy to answer any other questions you have. Call us at 843-276-6187 or email info@denturecareshop.com