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Reinventing the denture experience

Link to new Charleston dental company offers custom fit dentures using 3D printing technology
Link to Google reviews for flexible affordable dentures delivered quickly
Link to facebook reviews that shows happy satisfied denture wearers
Link to article about North Charleston company making permanent full and partial cheap dentures

Why we're different

We're reinventing the denture experience using 3D printing, telehealth, and compassion. By reducing labor, time, and cost, we provide high quality partial & full dentures.

Our Process

Step 1 - appointments are free for dentures with reline or partials

In Person Appointments

Digital scans of the patient’s anatomy and/or existing dentures are captured.

Step 2 - custom dentures where you choose your gum and teeth colors

3D Design and Printing

A dentists reviews the patient’s clinical profile and works with a lab to digitally design and 3D print new dentures.

Step 3 - High quality dentures are quickly made same day or in 1 week

Receive your new smile

New dentures are picked up, and fit adjustments provided.

Find the right smile

When you need some teeth replaced

Flexible Partials

Brand New (Valplast) partials with flexible material for added comfort.

Complete Dentures
When you need a full set of teeth

Replacement Dentures

You have existing complete dentures and need a new, better-fitting set.

Dentures From Scratch

You do not have existing complete dentures and need a new set.

New dentures to replace the need for denture repair or denture reline