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Reinventing the denture experience

Change your life with beautiful, new partial & full dentures. Pay only $350 or $500 per arch with no surprise costs.

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Why we're different

We're reinventing the denture experience using 3D printing, telehealth, and compassion. By reducing labor, time, and cost, we provide high quality partial & full dentures.


How It Works

Step 1 - appointments are free for dentures with reline or partials

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Come in for a 100% free appointment to discuss your options. If you decide to go with our services, we’ll digitally scan your anatomy and/or existing dentures.

Step 2 - custom dentures where you choose your gum and teeth colors

We 3D print your

One of our dentists reviews your clinical profile and works with the lab to design and 3D print your denture.

Step 3 - High quality dentures are quickly made same day or in 1 week

Receive your new smile

Come back in and we let us do the final fit of your brand-new denture!

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When you need some teeth replaced

Flexible Partials


Brand New (Valplast) partials with flexible material for added comfort.

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Complete Dentures
When you need a full set of teeth

Replacement Dentures


You have existing complete dentures and need a new, better-fitting set.

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Dentures From Scratch


You do not have existing complete dentures and need a new set.

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We stand by our services and have a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.
We accept CareCredit.

Watch the process in action.

Denture Care Shop video to see how it works with custom, affordable dentures. Whether you need denture tooth repair or reline, we make permanent dentures for $300 per plate.
The Denture Care Experience

Is it time to replace your dentures?

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends you replace your dentures every 5 years? It's time for new dentures when they're worn out, broken or uncomfortable.  

Denture wearers are burdened with the inconveniences and expenses of getting new dentures the traditional way. We've made the process easy and affordable by using non-invasive, state-of-the-art digital technology and a custom designed teledentistry platform.

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Woman getting new custom dentures under $400 in Charleston South Carolina

Veterans have a reason to smile.

Veterans and Active Duty receive 10% off their entire purchase.

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Smiling veteran receives affordable denture replacements for a discounted price

Frequently Asked Questions

About Denture Care Shop

How is the Denture Care Shop different than my dentist?

The Denture Care Shop is focused on one thing – creating a new solution for high quality and convenient replacement dentures at an affordable price. Our dentures are made from high-strength, premium FDA-approved resins using advanced 3D technology. We provide new versions of your existing dentures (same fit, fresh look) or new dentures with an updated fit (better fit, new look). The Denture Care Shop does not provide implants, and we do not do invasive procedures found in traditional dental offices, like extractions. All we do, and all our focus, is providing you with replacement full dentures.

How is the Denture Care Shop able to provide me with new dentures at such a low price?

We believe that high quality dentures should be more accessible. We want people to stop overpaying for dentures and stop enduring the hassles it takes to obtain them. Technology advancements in digital dentistry (such as 3D printing) allow us to manufacture dentures at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional fabrication methods. We pass the cost savings to our customers, which is why we can provide high quality dentures for up to 70% less. New custom dentures are $350 or $500 per arch. 

What products/ services do you offer?

Replica dentures are for people that are happy with the fit and feel of their dentures, but they want new dentures because they’re old, discolored, filled with bacteria, or slightly chipped.

Refitted or Enhanced dentures are for people that have ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or broken dentures. Over many years, existing dentures often become too loose because the anatomy of the mouth changes. Refitted dentures are brand new custom-fit dentures, which cost $350 per arch.

We also create a free digital copy of your denture and store it securely online so that if you were to ever lose or break them, we can send you new ones in a matter of days. 

Our only focus is dentures. We do not provide general dentistry services like teeth extractions, and we do not provide implants.

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New dentures to replace the need for denture repair or denture reline