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Change your life with new dentures.

We are the future of denture care. Get new dentures for 70% less after only one visit. Pay only $300 to $350 per plate, and not a penny more.

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Do you need dentures that
look better, fit better, came with a back-up?

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A New Way

We understand the challenges and pains of wearing dentures. They're expensive and the hassles of getting new ones are straining.

It shouldn't have to be like this.

The Denture Care Shop created a solution for you.

A New Experience

It takes just one visit to receive high-quality, custom dentures.

Lower Price

We cut the retail markup and pass the savings on to you.

Advanced Tech

State-of-the-art 3D production to build
beautiful, comfortable custom denture

Find the smile that's right for you.

We can handle all your denture needs.
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New dentures that fit like your current ones but look brand new. Replace your old dentures now.

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Refitted or Enhanced Dentures


New dentures with both a new, comfortable fit and a fresh look. Upgrade your smile today.

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Scan & Store - Digital Records of Your Dentures

$0/plate - Free!

We capture a digital copy of your dentures and securely store it in the cloud. If you ever need a new set, no visit is needed - they are only phone call away.

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More Ways We're Different

Free Consultations
  • You shouldn't have to pay just to sit in a chair.
  • All our consultations are FREE.
  • You only pay if you purchase a denture.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • If you don't like your new dentures, you should be able to return them.
  • All dentures are backed by a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

How It Works

Your new smile in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Make an appointment and come to our shop.

Schedule a free consultation. We're conveniently open evenings and weekends.

Step 2

Our dentists create the perfect denture for you.

Work with our dental team to create your new denture. Watch as our advanced 3D technology customizes your dentures.

Step 3

Receive your new smile in just 3 days.

Don't wait weeks for your new dentures. With the Dentue Care Shop, your new dentures will be ready in 3 days.

Watch the process in action.

The Denture Care Experience

Real people, real stories.

Hear stories from recent customers who loved the Denture Care experience.

Taylor B.

“My new dentures are life-changing. They arrived in only 3 days! The Denture Care Shop team was super friendly and caring.”

Max R.

“Getting this spare and knowing that I could quickly order another one removed the fear and anxiety I have about breaking or losing my dentures.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Top 3 Most-Asked Questions

How is the Denture Care Shop different than my current denture provider?

The Denture Care Shop is focused on one thing – creating a new solution for high quality and convenient replacement dentures at an affordable price. Our dentures are made from high-strength, premium FDA-approved resins using advanced 3D technology. We provide new versions of your existing dentures (same fit, fresh look) or new dentures with an updated fit (better fit, new look). The Denture Care Shop does not provide implants or partial dentures, and we do not do invasive procedures found in traditional dental offices, like extractions. All we do, and all our focus, is providing you with replacement full dentures.

How is the Denture Care Shop able to provide me with new dentures at such a low price?

We believe that high quality dentures should be more accessible. We want people to stop overpaying for dentures and stop enduring the hassles it takes to obtain them. Recent technological advancements in digital dentures, ranging from 3D scanning, digital design, and fabrication techniques, now allows for a dramatically reduced cost to create replacement dentures that look good and feel great at a fraction of the cost. By embracing these technological advancements and being one of the first organizations dedicated solely to replacement dentures, and removing a lot of overhead and high costs, the Denture Care Shop can bring down the cost of dentures to you, without sacrificing quality.

Why was the Denture Care Shop founded in the first place?

At Denture Care Shop, we believe that everyone deserves to smile comfortably and confidently - without breaking the bank. We discovered that the expense and hassles of traditional dentures prevents many people from purchasing a much-needed replacement, (or even just a spare!). This left people stuck wearing old, uncomfortable, or broken dentures, or worse - no dentures at all. The denture community deserves better and Dr. Walter Renne, DMD, recognized as a top digital dentist by the International Academy of Digital Dentistry, wanted to a solution.